Having worked with so many people and brands is another point of pride, a carousel of enriching experiences with which I have grown.


Andrés Javier Piñero

Traductor y jefe de redacción adjunto en Statista GmbH

I had the great pleasure to work with Alba for almost two years and I can only be grateful for that time as coworkers. Not only did I learn a great deal from her experience as a translator while localising the website of Statista into Spanish together, but I also learned a lot about teamwork. Alba is thoughtful, able to reach compromises, and very trustworthy. I would not hesitate to work with her again. Besides, Alba is one the most proactive persons I have ever met. Her great determination and entrepreneurial spirit will take her far in life.

Inge Natalie Hol

Director of Educational Programmes and School Trips

Alba was an absolute pleasure to have on our team as a Spanish teacher and events organizer. She was always incredibly positive and energetic and always had the students’ best interests at heart. She is a very meticulous and considerate teacher and gave very dynamic classes in which she managed to cater for different students’ needs, interests and learner styles continuously. Apart from teaching, she had many different roles and responsibilities at Spark and fulfilled every single one of them with dedication, passion and a high sense of quality and responsibility.

Marco Antonio Pajares

Frontend Web Developer en Smaato

Alba and I are working together on an interpreting platform and an Html editor, where she is the mind behind both projects. Alba is a fount of information about the creative ways to turn students and non-experienced people into advanced translators/interpreters. Alba is a talented, hard-working and warm co-worker and a joy to collaborate with. Alba has tremendous ideas and is always supportive of our colleagues and customers, even when her own workload was overwhelming. She’s a top-notch translator/interpreter and a wise businessperson who’d made a tremendous addition to any product development team.

A 10!

Our guide Alba was super nice. She gave us plenty of recommendations of places to see and visit outside of the tour and she explained the history of this beautiful city in a very entertaining way. You can tell she loves her job.


I did a tour of the Gothic Quarter with Alba, who not only spiced up the tour with very good interesting and historical facts about the neighborhood, but also with good vibes and laughter in between! A lot of dedication, I would do it again! Thanks, Alba.

Alba - Gaudí and Modernist Barcelona Tours

We did two tours with Alba. Both EXCELLENT! She is very educational and fun. She explained the history in a very entertaining way. She does her job with love and passion. The tour with her is highly recommended! You end up in love with Barcelona Opinion written on Trip Advisor

Who am I?

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Ever since we are children, we feel the need to interact with everything around us, to learn from the world and from people. It is a beautiful journey in which communication is the protagonist. I have never abandoned this pleasure. I firmly believe in the power of words, in communication as a lifelong virtue of human beings and in curiosity and enrichment as the propelling engines of the precious journey that is living.

I love being involved with other cultures, which is intrinsically linked to knowing their language. For me, learning a new language is like opening a new window from which to look at the world: the perspective is different, new nuances come up, and you may even discover new realities.

That’s the essence of my vocation. I am a professional who is in charge of connecting people, cultures, thoughts and ideas. My working languages are English, German, Italian, Spanish and Catalan, which I have been applying to the field of translation, language teaching and the organization of guided tours and cultural experiences for about ten years.

I have been in charge of Alba Collado Language Services since 2014, a journey marked by my versatility within interlinguistic mediation. I have applied my knowledge to many different areas: as a translator at a Spanish magazine, as a translator and content creator within a German editorial team, as a subtitler and proofreader in the audiovisual industry, as an interpreter for companies, as cultural liaison in multilingual events and tours, as a language teacher in several Oficial Language Schools in Barcelona and abroad…

Within the field of translation, I have specialized in the translation of creative content a specialization most relevantly applied to Website Translation, Editorial Translation, and Audiovisual Translation. If you enjoy movies, you may have seen some of the series, movies or documentaries I’ve recently worked on! If you need help with a foreign text or at an international meeting, contact me and we’ll talk!

Within the field of intercultural mediation, I took teaching to the streets of Barcelona years ago and began to offer guided tours and experiences in which history, language, culture, games and fun intertwine. In 2022 I settled in Valencia, my homeland, and from here I have launched my most recent project, Tour&Learn, through which I offer unique guided tours of Valencia. Are you a fan of walking tours? Don’t you prefer to actively participate rather than to be a bystander who only listens? Do you enjoy solving puzzles and challenges? Would you like to be around an international crowd and to practice a new language while enjoying the city? Why do you have to choose? Get a tailor-made guided tour and explore Valencia while chatting in another language or facing fun group challenges. Drop me a line! No strings attached 😉




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If you want to internationalize a product, see your work translated or support in a multilingual meeting, I’m sure I can help you.


If something has piqued your curiosity and you’d like to ask me any questions, or if you are interested in booking a service, do not hesitate to contact me. You can send me an email to info[at] or fill in the following form directly.

Important!: I recommend you include details of what you need so that I can respond quickly and appropriately (Is it a translation? Do you want to book a tour? In which language? When? For whom?). Just drop me a line. No strings attached!

    I have read and understand the data and privacy policies.

    You can also contact me through LinkedIn.

    If you prefer a face-to-face meeting and you happen to live or move around Valencia or Barcelona, I will be very happy to talk in person. A chance to look away from the screen and to have some human contact is very much appreciated!

    Giving me a call

    +34 620 299 858